Corinna Wieja

More Than Words

A good translation shall not only accurately express the meaning and sense of the source text, but it also must be target-group-oriented and read like an original. Whether it is a book, an image brochure, a press release, a product sheet, a commercial or a workout video - highly motivated I adapt your projects from English into German. 

Sometimes it is not enough to simply translate a text or book. Due to cultural differences, a literal translation of puns, metaphors, claims and slogans will not always work in the target language. In such cases, I will find a new, appropriate and adequate wording. In order to get optimum results, I focus on conveying the meaning and general tone of the original rather than translating literally.

Moreover, I consider it part of my task not only to provide translations, but also to inform customers of possible problems of a translation. For references please click here.

Audiovisual Adaptation

In audiovisual productions, too, the script not only needs to be translated, but to be adapted. The spoken translation should match the length of the OFF voiceover or, respectively, the lip movements of the speaker on the screen as closely as possible in order to make dialogues and OFF sequences seem "natural". Moreover, the dubbed translation also has to match facial and body expressions. To ensure that there is no discrepancy in what the viewer hears and sees, the translated text also needs to be timed.

I am also specialized in commentary, voiceovers and dubbing for TV, video and other media and I adapt your commercials, infomercials, workout videos, point-of-sale videos, corporate DVDs and other product presentations. During my professional career, I often directed the recording sessions in the studio and supervised postproduction. Therefore, I know every step of an audiovisual production.

If required, I will also translate captions or make suggestions for respective captions. Of course, I also will provide you with time-coded, ready-for-recording German scripts. 

Professional Expertise

Fascinated by the English language and culture, I always wanted to work as a translator. So, after my vocational training as an industrial manager, I studied translation after work and took my exam as a state approved translator in 1997. After graduation I worked as a translator and project manager for an American Direct Marketing company, which was one of the pioneers, who introduced DRTV-spots to the German market. Thereby, I learned the direct selling business from scratch and also expanded my translation knowledge and skills. As project manager, I was responsible for the production of TV commercials, infomercials and point-of-sale videos, including the translation of the scripts and copy writing of commercials, the recording and postproduction.

Expanding horizons

Since 2001, I am working as a freelance translator for publishers, advertisement, marketing and translation agencies as well as companies in consumer business. I also write children's books. It is the diversity of interesting books, projects, products and customers and the creativity my profession involves, which I enjoy.

My main priorities are quality, confidentiality, loyalty and reliability and I am committed to offering you a professional yet personal translation service that meets your individual and business needs.

At last!

After almost 25 years of professional experience, now I am able to say: writing and translating - for me, it is not only a profession, but also a vocation.

I would be pleased to translate or write for you, too, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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